About SUMMIT 360

The view from a mountain summit is amazing. It's also only half the story.

This Company

We're based out of Sheffield, in the region of South Yorkshire in the UK.

Started by Colin Densem; a developer, founder and climber, in 2007 to handle a mix of personal projects. Fuelled by experience from a decade within an IBM premier company, with insight into enterprise computing and eloquent solutions from aerospace, food & manufacturing to pharmaceutical industries.

Between 2006 & 2013 whilst working in smaller teams in data, travel and retail sectors, a growing sense of assisting smaller independent businesses with their real challenges developed.

I'm very happy when trying to solve your problems. Through a combination of analysis, conversation and thinking, arriving at a solution. I'm an idea partner for individuals, small and medium businesses looking to use IT effectively.

Which skill, which tool?

I'll draw on my own skills and knowledge, I'll bring in trusted professionals too. This gives you and I access to very broad range of skills and abilities. From a single page product launch page to a more complex back office system, we can access the right people, to use the right tools, for your project.


I've been working in IT & people for over 25 years. In this time I've worked with multi system, multi-national manufacturing and logistics projects through to single page websites for self employed people.

User Focused

My approach is to understand your problem, really get into your shoes. We'll then discover what's needed to achieve a solution. Working with you to achieve, deliver and maintain your needs as they change.

Not Possible?

When it's deemed not possible, I'll draw on my years of experience to find a way to make it so. I'll also use my connections to skilled professionals in order to provide extra specialist skills.

Asking Why?

Being able to ask why is crucial. Why do you want feature x?
Getting to the root of the problem is paramount. This process often drives out crucial findings and is a valuable exercise on it's own. More often we discover that a 'vital' feature isn't actually needed, saving you time and money.

There are many tools and theories about how to plan, execute and maintain projects. I take a practical approach that works for us both, that's the right way, our way.

Anything else...

When I'm not working I'm trying to cling to rock faces as a climber. It's actually quite relaxing once safely up and down.

I co-founded a community for Skoda owners; BRISKODA . It's respected as a great owners/motoring community site.
In 2013 it was also awared a top 10 visited UK site for automotive recreation by Hitwise.


If you're looking to start-up with an idea, or are already established but need to grow, please talk to me. I am confident I can help you on your path from idea through to a successful web application & business.